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Meet Krystina, wedding planner at Sweet Valley Events Co.

Meet Krystina

There's just something so magical about Wedding's, about your wedding. I wholeheartedly feel like this about each and every couple and Wedding I have the privilege of helping create. When I say your wedding is just as important to me as it is to you, it really is.


From the intimate moments when you’re exchanging vows; the magic of seeing your vision brought to life for the first time, to the heartfelt moment you look across and see your loved ones gathered just for you; it’s creating memories that you’ll treasure forever. It’s all about planning a once-in-a-lifetime event and having fun along the way! 

From the very first email to the day itself and beyond, I will be your friend, confidante and unwavering support system, offering expert guidance and reassurance every step of the way. I don’t judge, I won’t stress, I won’t let the schedule slide or forget a single detail. I will support you when you’re agonising over whatever it is that’s troubling you, and my honest assessment of each and every decision will help you make the right call throughout the planning journey. Simply put, I've got your back. 

Setting up, wedding planner at Sweet Valley Events Co.
Our fantastic virtual planning portal software


I've organised events for as long as I can remember, and for me, working away in the background to bring it all together is the most enjoyable part; it's truly what I know I am here to do.


As a detail driven organiser, ideas loving creative and experienced and passionate career woman, I innately understand how to captain the ship, bring your wedding dreams to life, and throw a really great party all at the same time!

Organising a wedding can be both exciting and exhausting, but over the course of many months, I will become your trusted partner in all things wedding-related. I’ll be by your side, drawing out your ideas, guiding you through the abundance of inspiration, reading between the lines, and taking cues from your personalities. I’ll connect you with the best suppliers in the industry, designing a wedding that beautifully encapsulates you both whilst providing the peace of mind that comes from having a skilled expert supporting you every step of the way.

My experience in the corporate world (and subsequent love of all things Spreadsheets and being able to find everything in one place!) has meant I've created a raft of organisational electronic resources that will be at your disposal throughout the process. Each couple I work with is also invited from the get go onto our Digital Planning Portal, an invaluable tool, that keeps track of every aspect of your Wedding. 

I love to collaborate with couples who dream of stylish flourishes and breathtakingly beautiful aesthetics, who are happy to embrace my personalised approach and are ready to immerse themselves in the design and planning process to whatever extent they wish. I thrive on understanding my clients’ visions and expanding them beyond their wildest dreams, but I also want you to look back on your wedding day in 20 years without ever questioning your aesthetic decisions. 


As a planner through and through in all aspects of life, it is my passion for design, style, logistics and family values that have led me here. To this day, meeting new couples and being able to explore my creativity is the best job in the world and one of my greatest joys. This is why I attentively tune into each client’s wishes, taking the time to get to know you with an understanding that your day should feel like an authentic extension of your beautiful love story.

Grounded, optimistic and always with a smile on my face, I adore embracing the little things that make life extraordinary. My love for supporting small businesses, indulging in delightful and seasonal food and wine pairings, and exploring new places and cultures are woven into the very fabric of who I am and what I bring to my role as your planner, collaborator and friend.

When I’m not curating mood boards or meticulously combing through details for my clients, you'll find me outside in the beautiful Mendip Hills. There, with my husband Theo and our two boys George & Leighton and our ever growing collection of animals, I'm either gardening, cooking, creating art or embarking on woodland adventures and countryside life, immersing ourselves in the beauty of nature. 

About Krystina, wedding planner at Sweet Valley Events Co.
About Krystina, wedding planner at Sweet Valley Events Co.
About Krystina, wedding planner at Sweet Valley Events Co.

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